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Meaningless Kiss Masterpost

Title: Meaningless Kiss (but… there are no meaningless kisses) [Title inspired by Hugh Grant song from Music and Lyrics]
Disclaimer: Kripke’s players. I make ‘em dance. It’s all a bit wonky. Wanna Cookie?
Rating: PG 13 (I guess)… Mentions a few Iniquities
Genre and/or Pairing: Domestic Dean/Cas, Awesome!Sam, Kid!Fic
Spoilers: Completely AU. None.
Warnings: Well… My hate for certain characters is visible… but it’s not enough to take offence.
Word Count: ????

Summary: Dean Winchester works hard to provide for his kid brother Sammy, working as a mechanic by day and a bouncer by night. He thinks that’s all there is to his life, until he sees the well-known slut Micheal with his new arm candy.
A/N [Edited]: I am not sure if this is the end… Or just the beginning. It can go either way :) 

Part 1: Way Back into Love [Title inspired by Hugh Grant, Haley Bannett ballad from Music and Lyrics]

Part 2: Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore [Title inspired by REO Speedwagon song]

Part 3: You put your arms around me and I’m home [Title inspired by Christina Perri song: Arms]

Part 4: Save the Best for Last [Title inspired by Vanessa Williams song]

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Follow-up to HIMYM Destiel Prompt

I have started working on the “HIMYM” AU version of Destiel. Should take about a week tho’ my college restarting may delay it. :D

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Can't Fight this Feeling Anymore! →

The second part of my 'Meaningless Kiss'verse:

Sequel to Way Back into Love

It’s almost a year since Cas started looking after Sam. Cas isn’t just Sam’s tutor anymore… he is like a father he never had. And Dean has, for the first time in his life, come to depend on somebody. But it isn’t LOVE, is it?

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Way Back Into Love

Dean Winchester works hard to provide for his kid brother Sammy, working as a mechanic by day and a bouncer by night.

He thinks that’s all there is to his life, until he sees the well-known slut Micheal with a new arm candy, Castiel.

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Hard Day’s Night

Dean parked the car and got out in a hurry. He opened the backseat door and got in. Cas joined him a moment later.

“Now… where were we?” Cas asked cheekily.

In reply, Dean leaned forward and kissed him flush on the mouth, pulling him closer. Within seconds, they were making out like horny teenagers – snogging loudly and pawning each other all over. Ten minutes later, Cas was flat on his back, Dean pressed on top of him, his hand in Cas’ pants rubbing fervently against the hard cock, while his mouth traced Cas’ upper body.

Cas moaned loudly against Dean’s neck and Dean pressed a kiss into his hair. He loved this Cas, all hot and bothered. And Cas pressed under him, humping back, was doing wonders for him as well. They were desperately grinding and moaning – Cas taking little nibbles of his throat, his ear lobes, his lips when his own lips weren’t sealed in pleasure – each one aching for long repressed release.

They were pretty forgone when Dean heard another car pull up beside them. At first, Dean ignored the loud sloppy teenage make-out session in the next car, they were no better, but after a particularly loud moan courtesy of Cas, he heard the girl squee in surprise, followed by a semi-whispered, “Do you think people in that car are having sex?”

Dean bit down on his lip to suppress the sudden grin that threatened to break out, hoping Cas hadn’t noticed it or heard the girl.

But… “Turn on the damn radio, will you?” Cas muttered in his ear. “We are not putting on a fucking show.” To this day, Dean claimed that it was the best decision Cas had ever made.

Dean nodded obediently and twisted around, hating to leave that warm body even for a second. He stretched his free hand, switched to a Rock Station, turned up the volume and returned to continue where he had left off.

“…And now, by popular demand…” Dean vaguely heard the RJ speak after the last guitar strains had faded away, “…we bring to you ‘Hard Day’s Night’ by The Beatles. Enjoy!”

“Hmmm…” Cas murmured in his ear, “I love The Beatles. They’re fucking amazing.”

“Yeah?” Dean smiled and before his tongue found Cas’ again.

“Dean… I can’t… I need…” Cas pleaded, when they finally broke for air, his bright blue eyes wide with lust. “Can… you… uhmm… Dean…” he groaned as Dean started nibbling his nipples.

Dean understood what he was trying to say. Dean too had been waiting for this for a long time. He pushed himself up, fumbling with Cas’ buttons before pushing his pants down. The bulge in his boxers was now prominent… and Dean couldn’t wait to have that thick flush cock in his mouth. He reached to push the boxers down, and that’s when he heard it.

“… But when I get home to you, I find the things that you do/ Will make me feel alright… So why on earth should I moan, cos when I get you alone/ You know I feel OK…”

And something clicked. He wasn’t sure if it was the high was of finally having his Cas so close to him, or it was the song that resonated so close to their situation or something else… But in the cramped, uncomfortable backseat of his Impala, straddling Cas awkwardly while he shook and whimpered under him waiting for release, Dean started laughing.

It wasn’t a simple laugh either! He laughed and laughed, like he hadn’t laughed in years. Rolling his head, tears forming in eyes, clutching his stomach he kept laughing, until a positively pissed Cas raised himself on his elbow and very irritatedly looked at him, his mood and boner officially killed. “What’s wrong?” he hissed loudly, barely able to contain his anger.

But Dean shushed him and motioned him to listen. A few seconds later Cas was openly gaping at him, then he too joined in. They both kept laughing like crazy until the song got over. Later, Dean would also claim that they had managed to scare off the kids in the next car from doing anything foolish, but in that moment, none of that mattered.

By the time the RJ came back to announce the next song, Dean and Cas were already sitting up, with Cas tucked in Dean’s side, his arm wrapped around Dean, his head on Dean’s chest, while Dean’s hand played casually with his sweat-sleeked hair. They didn’t know how long they sat like that, or what songs they heard afterwards… all they knew was that it was perfect.

The Beatles were really fucking amazing!

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The Winchester and A Colt

This is a sort-of sequel to the current SPN, set approximately 10 years after the S7 finale. Some of the characters and mythos are taken from the series, but the story is completely my own. The Characters follow Canon to a certain extent. It is my first LJ entry.

Prologue: 10 years ago

It was dark and it was damp. Ben shivered unconsciously. His head hurt like hell and his hands were tied to a pole behind his back. He looked around, his eyes starting to adjust to the darkness. It was some kind of a warehouse. What in the…

Then he remembered. Two men with deep black eyes had burst into the house and killed Matt, his mother’s boyfriend. He had tried to call for help, even hid in the closet, but they had found him. And he was stuffed kicking and screaming, in the back of a van alongside his already unconscious mom. Then everything went black.

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