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Meaningless Kiss Masterpost

Title: Meaningless Kiss (but… there are no meaningless kisses) [Title inspired by Hugh Grant song from Music and Lyrics]
Disclaimer: Kripke’s players. I make ‘em dance. It’s all a bit wonky. Wanna Cookie?
Rating: PG 13 (I guess)… Mentions a few Iniquities
Genre and/or Pairing: Domestic Dean/Cas, Awesome!Sam, Kid!Fic
Spoilers: Completely AU. None.
Warnings: Well… My hate for certain characters is visible… but it’s not enough to take offence.
Word Count: ????

Summary: Dean Winchester works hard to provide for his kid brother Sammy, working as a mechanic by day and a bouncer by night. He thinks that’s all there is to his life, until he sees the well-known slut Micheal with his new arm candy.
A/N [Edited]: I am not sure if this is the end… Or just the beginning. It can go either way :) 

Part 1: Way Back into Love [Title inspired by Hugh Grant, Haley Bannett ballad from Music and Lyrics]

Part 2: Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore [Title inspired by REO Speedwagon song]

Part 3: You put your arms around me and I’m home [Title inspired by Christina Perri song: Arms]

Part 4: Save the Best for Last [Title inspired by Vanessa Williams song]

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