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Teen Wolf/Supernatural Crossover


So.  As much as I love a good tw/spn crossover, I think this is the way it would actually go down.  Spoilers for 4x03.

Sam: I hear you have a wendigo.

Scott: That we do! Who are you? Are you werewolves too? ‘Cause no offense, but your boyfriend is totally rocking the Derek ‘I’m a werewolf’ angry face.

Dean: I’m his brother.

Scott: Yeah. Sure. In the same way ‘Miguel’ is Stiles’ cousin. Doesn’t mean you aren’t banging.

Sam: What.

Dean: Can we go back to you knowing werewolves?

Scott: Oh yeah! A bunch of them. But not all of us are as scowly as Derek. Promise.

Sam: Us?

Scott: Yup. I’m the alpha now!

Sam: What.

Stiles: It’s a whole thing. Don’t worry about it. He says that when he gets to the yogurt before me at snack time.

Dean: Werewolves have snack time?

Stiles: Duh. Otherwise they get grumpy and start killing adorable innocents.

Scott: It was one times!

Dean: So what you’re saying is you are werewolves who kill innocents.

Scott: Dude. Practically this whole town is werewolves.

Stiles: To be fair, they aren’t all werewolves. There’s also kitsune, were coyotes, ninja assassins, banshees, whatever the fuck Kate is…

Scott: Don’t forget Jackson.

Stiles: I could never forget Jackson. He killed like, a gazillion people. I miss him so much…

Scott: Me too. And what about Peter! He’s like, a homicidal werewolf AND a zombie.

Sam: Oh my God. Are there any innocent people here?

Stiles: I feel like they all got killed last season.

Dean: Sam. Could I have a word? Outside?

Sam: Yup. Yup you can.

*they exit*

Scott: Well. I think that went well. It’s always fun to make new werewolf friends.

Stiles: Yup! Wanna go train Tiny Adorable Replacement Jackson?

Scott: You know that’s right.

*a while later*

Sam: You sure you’ve got the holy oil everywhere?

Dean: Of course. I’m not taking any chances on this town.

Sam: OK. Light ‘er up!

*Dean throws his lighter and burns down Beacon Hills*

Sam: Good riddance.

Dean: Wanna go have sex?

Sam: Yeah. But lets get as far away from this hell hole as possible first.

*after the fire has burned itself out*

Derek: Scott! I got the Reece’s you wanted. Apparently Stiles ate all the ones in Beacon Hills so I had to drive to—

*Sees the devastated, lifeless husk of what used to be his home town*

Derek: Fuck. This. Shit.

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Poor Derek can never catch a break. Fuck. This. Shit. He should just retire to Antarctica… no chance of fire there.

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Open your eyes, Dean.

Demon!Dean…. FINALLY!!

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January 24th, 1979

Happy Birthday!

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i wonder how many takes this took to get right…

I can’t read it with a straight face, so I have no idea how they said it with one.

Yup! Don’t know Dean is jealous that Cas lost his virginity to a Reaper… or excited that Cas is no longer the goody miss-two-shoes virgin!angel, thereby increasing his chances…

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5 years ago today!

Five years ago, to the very day, Castiel, an Angel of the Lord, gripped Dean Winchester, the righteous man trapped in Hell, tight and raised him from Perdition.

Happy 5th Anniversary Dean and Cas!!

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- Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse 5

- Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse 5

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i’ll stop reblogging it when it stops being funny

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The CW’s Supernatural Facebook page hit a milestone today with an out of this world 10 million fans! Jared and Jensen surprised everyone with a special video (with guest star)*.

*No Winchester brothers were harmed in the making of this video.

(We hope.)

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